Freitag, März 17, 2006

Peter Jackson shows bloopers and new szenes of king kong

As reward for the empire-award he recieved for king kong Peter Jackson shows us some bloopers and a new szene.
Know we can see how they managed to bring kong back to New York.

The fox got!

Well, how much will Microsoft pay for this domain?

Get Firefox

Microsofts IPOD design paraody

A very funny video done by microsoft, how they would have designed the ipod package. It is more a ironic parody of the microsoft designs itself than of apples ipod.

Mittwoch, März 15, 2006

Amazon S3 - cheap backup storage

Amazon introduced their new storage for web-services, S3. You can access the storage with SOAP and REST to store, get and delete files. Sounds like just another FTP? Well, something like that, but with some advantages.
Amazon advertises that it is a reliable, simple, fast and cheap way to store data. The pricing is simple, 0.20 $ for each transfered GB and 0.15 $ for each stored GB/Month.

There are a few uses I can imagine.
1. You could build a software to use it as inet-storage for private data.
2. You could frequently backup your webapplications / websites.
3. You could use it as seed to distribute files via bittorrent.

Amazon does not tell how they secure your data. So if you use it for backup I would encrypt the data first.

There are some nice examples at the Amazon-Web-Services-Developer-Connection

Eiszeit / Iceage

Dienstag, März 14, 2006

Sexy Advertisement

Montag, März 13, 2006

Maniac Bootcamp

Some people wonder where those homicidal maniacs come from. They are trained in special families. Hope you are not part of one.